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Why choose Brown & Company PLC

Brown and Company has worked hard to deliver on the pledge of trust we made to the people over 143 years ago with our talented human resources. Today we are proud of what we own; a thriving business portfolio, a reputation for integrity. Over the years there have been many accomplishments to look back upon with pride. Yet, the achievement that is most significant to us will always be the remarkable legacy of 143 years of trust, that continues to drive our success now and into the future. It's will be a privilege to enhance your capabilities to work with our legacy.

Our Mission Statement States

"To build unique winning capabilities for the business by being a trusted business partner, consistently delivering trendsetting solutions to our employees and supporting the company in holding a competitive edge in the Market.?"



Our Focus

Browns Group is a highly committed organization to employee engagement along with sustaining individual dignity and respects human rights. Our employment retention practices are purely based with human talents along with performance. At Browns all our employees are provided with a highly optimized environment providing higher means of safety and health standards. We ensure that all statutory provisions governing labour practices are compliant and decent work ethics are maintained throughout the organization and Group of companies.

HR Philosophy

Relying on our strong base over more than 140 years of continuous business excellence, Brown and Company PLC, has gathered a deeper inside towards the most critical roles of Human Resources which plays a key in an Organization's success.

At Browns we strongly believe that employees who are most passionate and committed towards the organization are a key asset with regards to sustaining a business. We make it to point to keep all of our employees motivated, happy engaged and dedicated towards the business.

Our Mission Statement States

"To build unique winning capabilities for the business by being a trusted business partner, consistently delivering trendsetting solutions to our employees and supporting the company in holding a competitive edge in the Market."

Talent Acquisition

Our Employment involves us to recruit professionals to an available position which involves using fair, objective and internationally recognized and accepted evaluation methods. Our recruitment involves 3 entry points, at trainee level, mid-career and leadership levels. Although initial preference is given to our internal talent measured by our robust Organizational talent review program, we do believe that new talents form outside could bring in new way of working along with creative and new thinking. This creates ways to train professionals for the future.

Values and Performance

At browns we have infused a philosophy of Alive, Respect and Inclusiveness. We take into account these values as our key element in guiding the employees with their daily actions and decisions. These may be highly advantageous during a company expansion to new ventures and to face demanding industry challenges. It must be kept in mind that browns has strived to build a strong, proactive transparent 'Performance Driven' culture, which is a first history of Browns.

Talent Development

We have developed an environment in which learning and Development plays an intrinsic part within the company culture. New talents as we believe will be the determining factor in our ability to double the weight of our business. Our main aim is to plan leadership development programs that will help all our people to be the best they can be, irrespective of level or role.

Employee Satisfaction

Browns partnered with Great Place to Work (GPTW), in a bid to facilitate a Group-wide change in the lives of its employees and overall growth of the organization. Internal motivational and engagement programs were conducted in order to communicate this mission effectively to all employees and encourage them to actively take part in the GPTW survey. This independently conducted survey revealed that employees are having strong pride and honor being employed at browns. This emerged the opportunity for the employees to confidently and confidentially voice their opinions. This led us in refocussing our HR strategy opening new avenues for us to support employees in addressing all of their concerns.

Talent Engagement

The main Aim of our engagement activities is to create a team which is motivated with one common objective, basically a team that can identify problems smartly, drive innovations and have the "Can do" attitude along with supporting the business with profitable growth. We conducted events such as Sinhala & Tamil New Year Celebration, Vesak Kalapaya, Christmas Fiesta, Birthday Card Distribution, Kelibima Sports Day, Annual Pirith Ceremony, Browns Kid’s day, among others.

Agile, Flexible and diverse organization

Browns group of companies is an agile, flexible and diverse organization which includes a representative workforce, empowering our people with policies and infrastructure to help them work quickly and effectively, and creating flexible ways of working to suit their circumstances. One of the main objectives of the centralization of support functions was to create agility and flexibility for all subsidiaries and divisions.

All benefit are based on the definition and conditions of the collective agreement. It is a unique case in the Group, where even though the collective agreement exists, our performance-driven bonus mechanism is applicable to all, driving them to achieve their potential.

Success of HR Practices

Browns has been awarded with six recognized global and national awards within the past two years. Awards and recognitions are an integral part of any organization or business in today’s increasingly competitive global economy.

The positive PR that accompanies an award provides more credibility than advertising could ever bring in and is ultimately more beneficial. It also assists in attracting and retaining talent, gain an overall sales advantage and expand public relations.


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