• Engineering and Construction

Construction &Real Estate

The investment arm of Brown & Company PLC, a pioneer holding company in Sri Lanka, has made significant investments in the Engineering and Construction sector, adding immense value to the country's infrastructure development process. Investments in this sector have flourished, securing high returns at all times, signifying that our investment portfolio has outperformed the market, doing justice to all our shareholders.

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  • Browns Engineering & Construction

    Browns Engineering & Construction

    Browns Engineering & Construction (BEC) has been capable of contributing significantly towards the growth and development of infrastructure in Sri Lanka in terms of civil construction, telecommunication and the electrical landscape. The multitude of engineering and construction projects spearheaded by the group has brought about some of the most innovative and structurally steadfast constructions in the island.

    Having well differentiated themselves from competition through technological edge, they bring sophisticated engineering solutions to clients and has been the driving force behind many an infrastructure development project. They also boast a large number of construction projects commissioned both in the state and private sectors.

    With in-house services and facilities, BEC have been able to offer their clients a selection of fully-integrated engineering solutions under one roof. BEC’s access to modern machinery and equipment coupled with industry expertise, gives them an edge to meet as well as exceed the expectations of clients.

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  • Gurind Accor

    Gurind Accor

    Established in 2006, Gurind Accor (Pvt) Ltd is a subsidiary of Browns Investments. Which plays a leading role in the fields of civil construction, furnishing, refrigeration and automobile industries. Gurind Accor is into toughened safety (Tempered glass) processing, Insulated glass unit (DGDS) Double glazing glass manufacturing and Sand blast, Facades, Glass doors, Staircase railings, Shower Cubicles, Partitions, Canopies, Freezer tops, Cabinet glass inside the Refrigerator, Table Tops & Vehicle glass.

    With over 13 years of expertise and a solid team of highly trained and skilled staff, they have continuously been successful at being the best tempered glass supplier in Sri Lanka. The quality assurance process at Gurind Accor is unrivaled and comes equipped to boot with a testing laboratory, that is all fit to carry out Drop Tests, Leakage Tests, Dimension Tests, Dew Point Tests, Delta-T Tests, Fragmentation Tests and Butterfly Tests to name a few. Each item that is processed in the plant is checked thoroughly at several key points to ensure that each item complies with international quality standards such as ASTM (USA). The internal reject rate varies between 0 – 1% which stands well below the norms of the local industry.

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  • AJAX Engineering

    AJAX Engineering

    Established in 1982, Ajax Engineering (Pvt) Ltd aims to meet the demand for high performance architectural aluminum and glass systems in the fast growing market. Ajax Engineering offers high-quality solutions at competitive prices. With over 30 years of experience in all phases of aluminum and glass fabrication and installation, the company is well-ahead of the competition in the aluminum and glass industry in Sri Lanka.

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