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Continuing to be carefully optimistic, the Company’s investment strategy is to invest in medium to long term economic opportunities or to hold or divest at an opportune time. Driven by sharp analytical minds fuelled by a passion to gain positive results at all times, we are proud of our strong positioning in key market sectors, and the exponential growth we are enjoying. Browns Investments has always been keen on diversifying their investments and therefore, has been an active leader in the areas of leisure, real estate, renewable energy and strategic acquisitions. With decades of experience behind them, they have continued to grow in strength and in assets over these years and will continue to diversify in the future.

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  • SunBird Bio Energy – Sierra Leone

    SunBird Bio Energy - Sierra Leone

    Sunbird Bioenergy (SL) Limited is an Agro-based company incorporated in Sierra Leone. It produces Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) as per the global industrial standards using sugar cane as the raw material and holds the capacity to generate 32 Mwh of power for the national grid. It is the largest private power plant in the country. Its factory and renewable energy power plant together with its plantation and the mechanised irrigation system is one of the largest agriculture projects in the African continent. Sunbird Bioenergy (Sierra Leone) Limited is also one of the largest economic opportunity providers in the country with over 5,000 employees.

    Sunbird Bioenergy (Sierra Leone) Limited commenced its first fully-fledged harvesting operations in December 2019 but was compelled to halt sugar production due to the outbreak of the pandemic. The Company is in the process of establishing sales channels to establish strong selling structures. With the acquisition, the new management changed over to novel agricultural techniques which have shown improvement in operations and the basic operating levels. This increase in yield led to increase bio ethanol production as well as power production from the bagasse. Not only that but it also significantly increased the power export to the national grid which in turn increases the revenue generation of the company. The expansion and new investment will improve the turnover and become the lowest cost producer to more effective utilisation of existing manpower.

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