• Why work at Browns

Why ChooseBrowns

When you join the dynamic team of achievers at Browns, you become a part of a futuristic, agile corporate. It is the people that make Browns what it is because their ideas and contribution push our boundaries and drive innovation, which help us reinvent ourselves and revitalise our operations to meet the emerging demands of the economy.

  • Talent Development

    Talent Development

    We have developed an environment in which learning and development plays an intrinsic part within the Company culture. New talent, as we believe, will be the determining factor in our ability to double the success of our business. Our main aim is to promote a learning culture within the Company, while developing a competent pool of internal trainers. We believe that learning is a continuous process, which is also the cornerstone of creating an agile work environment. Therefore, we are poised to empower our employees by supporting them in the journey of achieving their full potential. From implementing a special Educational Support Policy to rewarding the employees based on their performance and creating a supportive work environment, our focus on talent development is topmost.

  • Employee Wellbeing & Satisfaction

    Employee Wellbeing & Satisfaction

    We are firm believers of ensuring the wellbeing of our employees since it is vital to helping them achieve work-life balance. From assigning dedicated HR Partners for every single Department to implementing clear procedures on grievance handling and creating transparent information flows, we have put a host of HR Practises in place to enable our people to thrive. While our Open Door Policy is designed to ensure a mentally and physically safe environment for our employees, the Equal Opportunity at Workplace Policy assures that our workforce is diverse and inclusive. By empowering our employees to be the best version of themselves, we not only aim to promote employee satisfaction but also to retain top talent that oils the wheels of our growth engine.

  • Talent Engagement

    Talent Engagement

    The prime objective of our engagement activities is creating a team of employees motivated to accomplish a common objective—organisational growth. Talent management is an important component of our work culture as it drives innovation, creates smart thinkers and inculcates a ‘Can Do’ attitude. We organise a multitude of activities that let people develop an affinity—especially by connecting them across various silos as the more engaged our employees are, the better they are likely to perform. Our annual talent engagement calendar is packed with interesting activities, including cultural events, knowledge sharing sessions, sport festivals and many more. When our people succeed, so does our Company.

  • Success of HR Practises

    Success of HR Practises

    As one of the largest diversified conglomerates in the country, we have set industry benchmarks by implementing effective HR Practises powered by technological innovations. The Group HR Division not only functions as a supportive pillar but also adds immense value to the Company in terms of talent acquisition, development and retention. Our thirst to utilise new technological developments to streamline the HR process has driven us towards a new level of success.