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Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

Established in 1990, Browns Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Browns & Company PLC, a brand conglomerate in Sri Lanka, offers total solutions to foster animal health. The division caters to four main market segments; Poultry, Companion Animals, Dairy, and Aqua.

Current trends indicate an increase in the levels of animal protein consumed, catalysed by the rapid increase of affluence in the local populace. To meet the steady growth of demands, the modernisation of the animal production industry is necessary while ensuring that the industry is completely safe and healthy for humans.

Pet owners are also investing in improving the health and well-being of their beloved companion animals, resulting in a climbing demand for high-quality pet food and veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Browns Veterinary Pharmaceuticals is the market leader in the biological product segment in Sri Lanka, working with a network of pet care and pharmaceutical suppliers.

Browns Veterinary Pharmaceuticals is in partnership with leading global pharma companies such as Zargo, MSD, Vetina and Bravecto and is successfully fulfilling high-quality animal health and nutrition products, for both farm and companion animals.

Browns Pharmaceuticals is reinforced by an extensive islandwide distributor network and offers an array of value-added services to customers.

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