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Environmental Engineering

As a pioneer multinational conglomerate in Sri Lanka, the Browns Group represents Deuterium Limited of the United Kingdom, a professional experienced in delivering industrial water treatment chemicals around the globe.

Brown's partnership has been offering the Sri Lankan industry quality and providing the best available technology & services in the water treatment industry for the last 20 years.

Our team collectively brings together a wealth of experience and proven expertise in industrial water treatment management. Our multi-skilled team of managers, chemical engineers, and technicians, consistently try to stay abreast with the latest technology, to offer the ideal, cost-effective, and efficient solutions to our clients. We are committed to excellence by meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations around the clock.

Supplying various chemicals 

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

  • Corrosion Inhibitors

  • Scale Inhibitors

  • pH Conditioners

  • Oxygen Scavengers

  • Metal Passivates

  • Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors

  • Furnace Oil Treatment

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

  • Corrosion & scale inhibitors for open and semi closed cooling water circuits.

  • Corrosion and scale inhibitors for closed loop chilled water circuits

  • Multifunctional chemicals for small and medium scale systems.

  • Scale inhibitors for high heat flux cooling water systems.

  • Oxidizing / Non oxidizing biocides & Bio dispersants

  • Legionella Treatment Chemicals

Descaling and Flushing Agents

  • Inhibited acid de-scalents for Boilers & Cooling Water Systems

  • Alkaline based flushing agents

  • Online de-scalents

  • Special copper corrosion inhibited de-scalents

  • Neutralizing Agents

Designing, supplying, installing & commissioning of,

  • Waste water treatment plants

  • Sewage Treatment Plant

  • SBR Plant

  • MBR Plant

  • MBBR Plant

  • Reverse Osmosis Plant

  • De-Mineralisation Plant

  • Ultra-filtration plant

  • Domestic water treatment systems (Dechlorination of drinking water)


Supply, Installation & Service of,

  • Water Filters / Water Softeners

  • Chemical Dosing Pump

  • Test Kits & pH Monitors

  • Operation and maintenance of water treatment plants


Supply of Water Treatment Chemicals & Filter Media,

  • Resin - Cation /Anion

  • Activated Carbon

  • Filter Media

  • Water treatment chemicals

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