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Agri Solutions

Browns Agri Solutions, a subsidiary of Brown & Company PLC, a leading conglomerate and a holding company in Sri Lanka, provides various agri solutions for the agricultural and plantation sectors of the island. We have won the hearts of the Sri Lankan farming community by distributing products for crop protection, local and foreign hybrid seeds, and specialised fertilisers via a network of more than 200 channel partners strategically positioned throughout the country.

Browns Agri Solutions represents 12 leading crop protection product manufacturers, three fertiliser companies and ten hybrid seed manufacturers around the globe and has created strategic partnerships with global giants in the industry; ZGARO, Rainbow and Nufarm.

Government institutes and regional plantation companies involved in Agriculture and Plantation Sectors have partnered with Browns Agri Solutions up to date to empower the farming community of the island and help them reap a bountiful harvest. Browns Agri Solutions is one of the fastest-growing agrochemical businesses in the country, adding significant value to the Group’s overall portfolio. Browns Agri Solutions maintains ISO-certified repacking centres and warehouses at Kuruwita and Pannala Industrial Park for crop protection products and seeds. The Market Development Team of Browns Agri Solutions provides a very-well organised extension service to bridge the existing technical gap in futuristic farming.

Our product range consists of three main categories

 Crop Protection Solutions Seeds Specialized Fertilizers 
Herbicides Imported Hybrid Seeds Mineral Fertilizers
Fungicides Local Hybrid Seeds Slow Release Fertilizers
Insecticides Local OP Seeds Control Release Fertilizers
Natural insecticides Organic Fertilizers