• Browns Plantations

Browns Plantations

Spanning approximately a total of 25, 415 hectares of land and cultivating a diverse range of produce such as Tea, Rubber, Cinnamon, Coconut, Commercial Timber and Ancillary Crops, Browns Plantations which falls under Browns Investments PLC, is poised at the cusp of success in a cross-section of key industries. All three plantation companies have been recognized locally and globally with various awards such as Social Dialogue Award, Responsible Care Award, Gold Winner in the Ceylon Tea Speciality Estate of the Year Competition and Grand Charity Auction. Moreover, most of Browns Plantation Estates are trusted with standards and certifications such as Rainforest Alliance, ISO 2200 and HACCP.

Maturata Plantations Ltd

As one of the largest regional plantation companies in Sri Lanka, Maturata Plantations Ltd (MPL) is renowned for producing some the finest Cinnamon, Tea, Rubber and Timber worldwide. Since 1870, MPL has been growing, processing and packaging tea on a commercial scale and is recognised as one of the key producers of premium quality Ceylon Tea. The company comprise of 11 tea estates in the Nuwara Eliya district and an additional 8 estates in the Matara district for Tea, Cinnamon and Rubber. The MPL estates produce over 12.5Mn kilos of tea and employs a workforce of over 21,000 individuals.

Udapussellawa Plantations

Owning a thriving 11 estates and founded in 1992, Udapussellawa Plantations focuses on producing some of the finest Ceylon Tea in Alnwick, Blairlomond, Delmar, Gordon, Waldemar, Concordia, Court Lodge, Park, Duckwarim Madulkelle and Yatawatte in the districts of Nuwara Eliya and Matale. Its portfolio additionally includes Rubber, Coconut, Coffee, Cocoa, Pepper and Cardamom. Both Udapussellawa and Hapugastenne comprise of approximately 30 tea farms and 20 processing centres which sit within six of the seven agro-climactic regions of Sri Lanka.

Hapugastenne Plantations

Hapugastenne Plantations estates comprise of Tea, Rubber, Timber and other commercial crops. The company encompasses 19 reputed estates; Alupola, Galabode, Hapugastenne Tea, Hapugastenne Rubber, Depedene, Hatherliegh, Madampe, Springwood, Adawatte, Dammeria A, Dammeria B, Hopton, Shawlands, Bibile, Demodera, Nahaville, Oodoowerre, Rookatenne, and Newburgh.

Structure of Browns Plantations