• Construction

    Preferred infrastructure development partner


The construction segment comprises with Sierra Group and Ajax Engineers (Pvt) Ltd. BI has a significant holding shareholding in the construction giant Sierra Group together with the parent company LOLC PLC.


Ajax Engineers (Pvt) Ltd, a subsidiary of BI, and a leader in installing aluminium curtain walls, doors, windows and glass facades, is part of the backward integration strategy of the Browns Group. The company in its over 31-year-old history, also commissioned its first overseas project in Maldives worth Rs. 350 million in 2017.

Browns Engineering & Construction

Browns Engineering & Construction (BEC) has been capable of contributing significantly towards the growth and development of infrastructure in Sri Lanka in terms of civil construction, telecommunication and the electrical landscape. The multitude of engineering and construction projects spearheaded by the group has brought about some of the most innovative and structurally steadfast constructions in the island.

Having well differentiated themselves from competition through technological edge, they bring sophisticated engineering solutions to clients and has been the driving force behind many an infrastructure development project. They also boast a large number of construction projects commissioned both in the state and private sectors.

With in-house services and facilities, BEC have been able to offer their clients a selection of fully-integrated engineering solutions under one roof.  BEC’s access to modern machinery and equipment coupled with industry expertise, gives them an edge to meet as well as exceed the expectations of clients.