• Browns Thermal Engineering

    Spearheading the local heat exchanger business


Browns Thermal Engineering (Pvt.) Limited (BTEL) is a manufacturing arm of Brown & Company PLC, marketing their products under the RADCO brand. BTEL is the largest heat exchanger manufacturer in Sri Lanka holding 75% in the motor vehicle radiator market while the market share for the other heat exchanger category hikes up to 85%.

Brown and Company has been manufacturing radiators since 1968 and branded Browns radiators as RADCO in 2009 and strategically expanded the product portfolio within a short period. Today, RADCO has become the most sought after name in the industrial and power generation market with a diverse product portfolio that includes automotive radiators, coolers used in generators, locomotives, off shore salt laden environment radiators, earth moving equipment and technology etc. BTEL is one of the main suppliers to the Sri Lanka Railway, Sri Lanka Transport Board, Sri Lanka Ports Authority and many other private fleet owners in the country. RADCO radiators are produced in the country’s largest heat exchange manufacturing plant located in Makandura, Pannala.


Key products marketed by Browns Thermal Engineering (Pvt.) Limited includes,

  • Auto Radiators (Brass & Copper)
  • Auto Radiators (Aluminium & Plastic)
  • Hydraulic & Oil Cooler
  • Industrial Radiators
  • Locomotive Radiators
  • Brake liners for heavy vehicles

Browns Thermal Engineering (Pvt.) Limited provides the following services.

  • Designing
    BTEL has a team of design engineers who could design heat exchangers as per the requirement of customers. BTEL has already completed benchmark designs for Automobile, Plantation & Laundry industries.
  • Installation
    Most of the industrial radiators need trained technicians to install radiators to their machinery. BTEL has capabilities to cater to all customer requirements island-wide and we have successfully completed a few overseas projects as well.
  • Inspection
    BTEL will do periodic inspections for all customers who have service agreements and for others on request by customers.


Head Office

  • No 34, Sir Mohamed Macan Markar Mawatha, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka
  • Customer Care: +94 770 659 808
  • General Manager: +94 777 704 926
  • Auto Sales: +94 773 950 538
  • Industrial Sales: +94 777 598 311
  • Liner Sales: +94 768 655 103

Plant & Warehouse

  • Browns Industrial Park, Makadura, Gonawila
  • Production: +94 777 383 594
  • Quality: +94 776 197 406
  • Director/GM: +94 777 598 310