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Established in 1990, the Veterinary Pharmaceutical Division of Browns offers total solutions to foster animal health. The Division caters to four main market segments; Poultry, Companion Animal, Dairy & Aqua. Browns Veterinary Pharmaceuticals is the market leader in the Biological product segment in Sri Lanka.  In partnership with leading global veterinary brands, Browns is fulfilling the demand for high-quality animal health and nutrition products, for both farm and companion animals. Browns Pharmaceuticals Division is strengthened by an extensive islandwide distributor network and offers an array of value added service to the customers.



Clinically proven, highly-effective vaccines are critical to product quality and the vitality of the poultry industry. Browns imports high-quality poultry vaccines produced by MSD in the Netherlands. In addition to supplying to the nation’s poultry industry, the company also markets a wide range of pet care vaccines from MSD to the preventive pet health market. Browns, in a partnership spanning three decades, has elevated MSD’s business to a strong market position.


The veterinary animal health professionals at Browns work in close partnership with Zagro to develop the Sri Lankan market for Zagro’s research-based, innovative and value-for-money veterinary specialties. Browns deploys its extensive support and facilitating network among veterinary surgeons, animal health practitioners, regulators and researchers to step up Zagro’s market performance in Sri Lanka.



Eukanuba, global innovator and leader in pet nutrition, dominates Sri Lanka’s rapidly-growing pet nutrition market. Specialty pet food is a newly-emerging category in Sri Lanka with unique market dynamics. To elevate Eukanuba to the leadership position it enjoys today, Browns created a multi-channel marketing support, distribution and customer care network, serviced by a dedicated team of pet nutrition professionals. Eukanuba has an extensive range of dog food under its product portfolio targeted at different age groups and types of breeds.


Stallen South Asia (Pvt) Ltd is an Indo- Italian venture based in India that produces a wide range of products for poultry and cattle industries. Stallen’s modern, well- equipped production facility complies with WHO-GMP standards & the fatro-stallen affiliation has allowed Stallen to utilise the Italian veterinary pharmaceutical giant’s expertise in the manufacturing their products to the Asian region in a cost effective way. Browns has been marketing Stallen products in Sri Lanka for nearly a decade and enjoys a significant market share which has witnessed a steady growth rate with expansion of the industry.


Protiena is a feed grade poultry feed additive range sourced from Malaysia’s AMR Global. Browns has been a frontrunner in the supply of high-quality feed additives to the poultry industry.


Vet Product
  • Vaccines
  • Water Soluble Vitamins
  • Antibiotics
  • Dewormers
  • Pet Food
  • Poultry Feed Supplements
  • Poultry Feed Raw Materials
  • Disinfectants
  • Udder Infusions
  • Dairy Machinery

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Head of Business Development & Technical
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Senior Manager - Business Development & Technical
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