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Located in the heart of Colombo, Browns Hybrid Care offers hybrid and electric vehicle owners a reliable, all-inclusive service. Having recognised the need for specialised care in the Hybrid and Electric Vehicles market category, Browns launched Browns Hybrid Care, to provide a unique and customer centric solution to its patrons, combining the best of expertise and The staff at Browns Hybrid Care is equipped with the latest tools and technology, as well as the technical skills in order to perform the highest quality services dedicated to Hybrids and Electric vehicles. Browns Hybrid Care is at the forefront of Hybrid vehicle care in the country, offering a host of revolutionised automobile care solutions. The facility specialises in offering testing and diagnosis services related to Hybrid and Electric vehicle systems. Browns Hybrid Care offers end-to-end services, including rebuilding, and replacing hybrid batteries, under one roof. Moreover, general vehicle maintenance services are also offered by Browns Hybrid Care, and is aptly equipped to provide all these solutions responsibly with speed and efficiency.

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Kapila Vitharana

Head of New Product Development