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The Boiler Division of Browns offers a range of energy systems and solutions powered by hot water, steam & thermic fluid. A pioneer in the industry, Browns Boilers has been in the industry for over five decades & markets a duo of superior brands; Cochran and Cheema. Both biomass fired steam and hot water boilers are available, which ensure superior performance. Moreover, the Browns Boiler Division provides design/fabrication of steam distribution systems, turnkey piping services, & other supportive service related to boiler maintenance.

The product portfolio includes;

  • Package Type Steam Boilers (Oil fired, Gas fired, Dual fuel & Biomass)
  • Package Type Hot Water Boilers
  • Hot Oil Boilers (Thermic Fluid)
  • All Types of Pressure Vessels
  • Storage Tanks / Silos
  • Ancillaries for Boilers
  • Boiler Spare Parts


The services offered by Browns Boilers are;

  • Installing/commissioning & servicing all kinds of steam boilers, hot water generators, thermic oil heaters steam, hot water & thermic oil radiators
  • Supplying & installing steam power related equipment and accessories
  • Designing, fabricating & installing hot air ducting systems
  • Conducting maintenance and repair services related to boilers
  • Providing special consultation on boiler operations and maintenance
    • Annual service maintenance agreements
    • Boiler Conversion (Diesel to Biomass, Furnace oil to Biomass)
  • Providing energy demand management & conservation services
    • Feasibility studies for new technologies and energy related projects
    • Energy recovering projects




Cheema Boilers Limited is one of India's premier engineering solutions company serving industry's energy requirements. CBL has been manufacturing boilers and allied products for the last two decades and has earned recognition as a research-driven organisation that comes up with innovative solutions.

Steam  Boilers (Wood Fired)

Energypac Boiler Data Sheet

Energypac Plus Boiler Data Sheet

Hypac Boiler Data Sheet

Effipower Boiler Data Sheet

Effypac Boiler Data Sheet

Steammax Boiler Data Sheet

Steammashal Boiler Data Sheet

Energypac Plus Boiler Data Sheet

Steam  Boilers (Oi & Gas Fired)

Oilpack Boiler Data Sheet

Spares & Ancillaries

CBL Boiler  Spares & Ancillaries


Cochran delivers fully engineered heat and energy solutions to commerce and industry across the globe. Cochran has been at the forefront of combining proven engineering skills with technological innovation in heat generation and transfer systems since 1878. Operating worldwide, the Cochran brand is the globally recognised benchmark for quality British engineering and manufacturing; a name that stands for unrivalled dependability, durability and premium performance.

Hot Water Boilers   (Oil /Gas Fired)

HW 29 Boiler Data Sheet

HW 34 Boiler Data Sheet

Steam Boilers (Oil & Gas Fired)

ST 23 Boiler Data Sheet

ST 25 Boiler Data Sheet

ST 28 Boiler Data Sheet

ST 32 Boiler Data Sheet

ST 37 Boiler Data Sheet

ST 65 Boiler Data Sheet

Spares & Ancillaries

Cochran -Service Brochure


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