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25 May 2021


Exide—the number one automobile battery in Sri Lanka—is ready to treat petrolheads to one of the best locally-produced automotive shows. Exclusively streamed on the official YouTube channel of Exide Sri Lanka, each episode of the Exide MasterClass is sure to take you on an experiential journey, imaging the possibilities and inspiring a new generation of automotive geniuses. This is not just another automotive show. The Exide Masterclass series will be a one-of-a-kind series that caters to everyone, from seasoned auto professionals to budding enthusiasts. Each episode will bring viewers the perfect blend of education and excitement in a fresh format for online content.

Sam D. Smith brings his motoring expertise to the Exide MasterClass, thanks to his extensive and illustrious history as a top-notch Auto Journalist. With stints at Motor Magazine, Torque & Throttle and as the former Editor-in-Chief of Top Gear Sri Lanka, Sam is currently an editor for the globally acclaimed automotive news website, CarScoops.com. Also engaged in the show is Ishraq Wahab, an ace circuit and rally driver in Sri Lanka's top-flight SL-GT class. Ishraq boasts a stellar racing career and possess an in-depth understanding of the technology behind it all. Throughout the series, you'll witness the duo chewing over burning topics in the automotive sphere, checking out some drool-worthy racing machines, cruising down scenic roads and talking all things automotive. Prepare to (virtually) smell the fumes, hear engines rev, and experience the excitement of the track — it's safe to say that there will never be a dull moment on the show.

Exide MasterClass is brought to life by Exide Sri Lanka, with the intention of deep-diving into Sri Lanka's unique car culture and educating audiences about lesser-known auto facts. The show consists of five equally fascinating segments—Car Speak, Shakedown, Garage Talk, Road Trip and Cars & Kopi—which are sure to keep all motor enthusiasts glued to the screen. “Car Speak” features Sam breaking down automotive technical jargon to transform the viewer into an expert on a particular automotive topic within minutes. "Shakedown" is a dynamic segment where Sam and Ishraq explore technology employed in everyday cars and SUVs. Each episode will centre on a specific topic and capture the features in action through on-track or on-road demonstrations. In contrast, Garage Talk is an exciting segment where racing expert Ishraq Wahab brings you up close and personal with what is under the hood of the best cars in the island. While chatting to fellow car enthusiasts, Wahab will explain how car tech developed for the race circuit has made its way into your everyday road car.

An exclusive one-off segment, Road Trip takes you on some of the most scenic roads that snake across various parts of the island. The automotive expert duo takes the road less travelled through this beautiful island of ours and explores what it means to be a car enthusiast in Sri Lanka. The presenters will meet new people, drink in the stunning landscape and enjoy what these marvels of technology have to offer, all for the thrill of the drive. Finally, through the Cars and Kopi segment, Sam, together with a selection of industry experts, will take a deep dive into automotive issues affecting Sri Lanka while examining what future developments are on the horizon. So make sure to tune in to the official YouTube channel of Exide Sri Lanka as the MasterClass takes you on an exhilarating ride within the automotive world. 

A product of the prestigious Browns Group, Exide powers millions of vehicles with innovative solutions and keeps them roaring on the Sri Lankan roads. A pioneer in the industry, Browns ventured into the automotive battery market by importing Silver Exide from the United Kingdom in the 1920s. Following its success, Browns in collaboration with British Batteries established the first lead-acid battery manufacturing factory in Sri Lanka—Associated Battery Manufacturer Ceylon Limited—in 1960.

Operating in the market for over nine decades, the Browns Battery Division dominates the automotive battery market with a significant market share of 70%. Fuelled by a passion and commitment to drive innovation beyond the frontiers of excellence, Browns Exide, the best SLS certified battery in Sri Lanka, has been able to position itself as a product of global acclaim and strength, and to stay in the local market as the market leader in spite of the tremendous competition created by various battery brands. Exide offers a wide array of high quality lead-acid batteries, solar batteries, deep-cycle batteries and UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply units) to power the nation.

Together with the parent Company LOLC, Browns and ABM joined hands with the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) to conduct Nano technology-based research on improving the product line. In order to build local capacity, Exide has decided to partner with SLINTEC to do targeted nanotechnology-based research and materials development. As a result, SLINTEC has been able to introduce the use of Reduced Graphene Oxide (RGO) to manufacture automotive batteries, which improves the lifespan and performance of the batteries.

Established in 1875, Browns has flourished over the years to grow into a household name with a reputation as strong as its years are long. Today, the prestigious Browns Group is one of Sri Lanka’s largest diversified conglomerates, which manages a fast growing and valuable portfolio of brands across several key industry sectors, such as automotive; power generation; agriculture and plantation; pharmaceuticals; investments; marine and manufacturing as well as leisure.