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18 Jun 2020


In celebration of World Oceans Day 2020, Loon Tao and Shore By O! that operate under Excel Restaurants Ltd. carried out a beach clean-up along the Mount Lavinia beach, which has fallen victim to littering of both left behind and washed in trash. The two restaurants are situated on the stunning shoreline of Mount Lavinia and believe that it’s their responsibility to keep the shoreline trash-free. The beach clean-up was carried out with the participation of the staff members of Excel Restaurants Ltd. A group of volunteers also joined hands with the Excel Restaurants team to clean the beach. Excel Restaurants provided the necessary accessories and assured the safety of the members who participated. The team commenced the clean-up in the morning and collected a significant amount of plastic waste. The trash collected was packed and directly handed over to the municipal council trucks.

The Sri Lankan shoreline extends over 1,700 kilometers with diverse coastal destinations and picturesque beaches. However, ocean pollution, which is mainly caused by human activities, is threatening the health of our coastline. Marine pollution — a global issue — involves dumping waste substances into the sea thereby reducing the quality of the ocean environment.  As estimated by the United Nations Environment Programme, every square mile of the ocean contains 46,000 pieces of floating plastic. Once discarded, plastics are weathered and eroded into very small fragments known as micro-plastics. These together with plastic pellets are already found in most beaches around the world. Moreover, plastic waste causes the deaths of more than a million seabirds every year, as well as more than 100,000 marine mammals. As an ethical business partner, Excel Restaurants believes that it is of paramount importance to save the ocean before it becomes irretrievably a thin, lifeless soup of trash. 

Commenting on the beach clean-up campaign, Eksath Wijerathne, Group General Manager, Browns Hotels and Resorts said, “Loon Tao and Shore By O! are two restaurants that cherish the bounty of the ocean. Ethical practices are at the core of our philosophy. Since both restaurants are situated on the shoreline of Mount Lavinia, we always make sure that the beach strip is clean and our waste is disposed of properly. For us, sustainable seafood is a top priority. We purchase our ingredients and especially seafood from ethical suppliers who source seafood in sustainable ways. With all these efforts, we are doing our part to protect the ocean, which is in a dire crisis that puts the entirety of humanity at risk.”

Currently, six restaurants are being operated by Excel Restaurants Ltd. While Loon Tao is specialised in preparing seafood-based Chinese dishes, IL Cielo offers its discerning guests authentic Italian delights amidst panoramic views of Colombo. Tsing Tao is immersed in creating an appreciation for authentic Chinese flavours in the island.  With stunning vistas, a good selection of cocktails, and homemade German specialties, Berlin Sky Lounge is one of the best rooftop pubs in Colombo. Shore By O! features a wide range of comfort food on the menu in addition to their unique cocktail and mocktail creations.  Located in the heart of Colombo’s famous CH & FC, Floor By O! is renowned for its splendid selection of beverages, delicious food, finest bands and DJs, and the vibrant atmosphere.

Excel World — Colombo’s most popular entertainment park for the entire family — is also owned and managed by Excel Restaurants Ltd. Followings its latest renovations, the Excel World new experience will accompany a range of new food outlets and restaurants. The newly upgraded banquet and conference facilities, make Excel World the ideal venue for corporate events, after work get-togethers, homecomings, and private events.

Excel Restaurants Ltd. is owned by the Browns Group, which is also a part of LOLC, one of the largest diversified conglomerates in Sri Lanka. The Browns Group manages a fast-growing and valuable portfolio of brands across several key industry sectors, such as power generation; home and office solutions; agriculture and plantation support services; pharmaceuticals; investments; marine and manufacturing as well as leisure and hospitality.
Beach clean-up along the Mount Lavinia beach by Browns
Beach clean-up along the Mount Lavinia beach by Browns