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16 Mar 2018


28th March 2018, Colombo: A company committed to elevating the living standards of marginalized communities by embedding corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a part of its business policy, Brown & Company PLC collaborated the CSR activities and established 'Browns Shakthi', an integrated CSR brand for the Browns Group. The maiden project under the 'Browns Shakthi' initiative, refurbished Thodamaduwa Vidyalaya in Galenbindunuwewa.

The company prioritized serving education sector at the initial phase and searched for the most deserving schools in remote areas. Located in Sivalakulama in Galenbindunuwewa off Anuradhapura, Thodamaduwa Vidyalaya boasts for a number of zonal accomplishments in volleyball, aesthetics and academics with minimal resources. Brown & Company PLC is pleased that 'Browns Shakthi' could be a strength to the current and future students of Thodamaduwa Vidyalaya by fulfilling the immediate needs of the school. The school was remarkably blessed with a highly motivated principal and a committed staff, came under our observation and it resulted in selecting Thodamaduwa Vidyalaya as the first school to be renovated under 'Browns Shakthi'. The students of the selected school largely descended from the hardworking farming community and labour groups who work for a daily wage.

When the 'Browns Shakthi' team initiated the renovation project in Thodamaduwa Vidyalaya in December 2017, the school library was a dilapidated room with a limited number of books and chairs, whereas children mostly read under the tamarind trees. They practiced for volleyball matches in the harsh grounds or paddy fields. The Principal made note of a spacious library and playground as the immediate needs of the school.

Within four months, the dilapidated room was refurbished into a spacious building with book cupboards, a recommended list of books, chairs and tables while the thorny area in the school premises was cleared, levelled and renovated into a capacious playground. Separate areas in the ground were marked as a volleyball court and running tracks. 'Browns Shakthi' donated football, cricket, netball and athletic equipment to the school as a support to develop the sporting skills of current and future students in the area.

While contributing to elevate the living standards of underprivileged communities, Browns has pledged to repay the environment and promote sustainable development by initiating an island-wide tree planting campaign as a part of the 'Browns Shakthi' CSR initiative. Thodamaduwa Vidyalaya offered their provision to the initiative by facilitating to plant trees at the school premises at the event.

The'Browns Shakthi' CSR initiative has unique features as it promotes social integration to enhance socio-economic values and involves all the stakeholders of Browns, such as the Management, Employees, Dealer Network, Suppliers and other Stakeholders in their missions to uplift and empower the marginalized and underprivileged communities.

With the head start taken in remote Anuradhapura, 'Browns Shakthi' aspires to be a strength to many more deprived groups across the island through upcoming community development initiatives and contribute to uplift the socio-economic values of Sri Lanka. Browns is committed to creating a better future for every Sri Lankan and pledges to oblige their social responsibility through 'Browns Shakthi' - the collaborative CSR trademark of Browns Group.


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