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20 Dec 2021


Browns Batteries—a core strategic business unit of the prestigious Browns Group—has initiated a special programme to distribute Midtronics battery testers amongst its islandwide dealer network in a bid to streamline the battery testing and battery stock management process. A renowned American brand, Midtronics has been in the business of developing advanced battery management solutions since 1984.

Under the first stage of the said initiative Browns will be investing over 20 million rupees to develop a customised battery analysing system for Browns automotive and motorcycle batteries, which include Exide, Lucas and Dagenite. Browns plans to introduce the Midtronics battery testers to 200 dealers during the first phase of the project. The dealers will be able to select the exact battery model from the system of the analyser, which is a custom-designed feature. Since this could easily be done at the push of a button, it significantly reduces the time taken to check the battery health in comparison to conventional methods. With the batch checking and code-based claim tracking options, dealers will be able to carry out their routinised tasks with no hassle. The tester can be upgraded with new features with the software updates of Midtronics — the original manufacturer of analsyers — to meet the demands of the ever evolving automobile world. Moreover, the Midtronics tester can be further upgraded to function as a Battery Management Information System (BMIS), which is a cloud-based analytical solution designed to support the process of managing battery testing equipment, staff of the dealer and operational activities.

Commenting on the new initiative, Ajith De Silva, Cluster Chief Operating Officer, Automotive and Hardware Cluster of Browns, said “This will definitely redefine the battery testing and battery claim management process in the industry. Also, this initiative is going to be an important step taken by Browns in our journey of providing the best aftersales service to the end customer as well as the dealer”.

Operating in the market for over nine decades, Browns Battery dominates the automotive battery market with a significant market share of 70%. Browns is the sole distributor for Exide, Lucas, and Dagenite automotive batteries in Sri Lanka. Fuelled by a passion and commitment to drive innovation beyond the frontiers of excellence, Browns Exide, the best SLS certified battery in Sri Lanka, has been able to position itself as a product of global acclaim and strength and to stay in the local market as the market leader in spite of the tremendous competition created by various battery brands. Browns offer a wide array of high quality lead-acid batteries, solar batteries, deep-cycle batteries, and UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply units) to power the nation. 

Established in 1875, Browns has flourished over the years to grow into a household name with a reputation as strong as its years are long. Today, the prestigious Browns Group is one of Sri Lanka’s largest diversified conglomerates, which manages a fast growing and valuable portfolio of brands across several key industry sectors, such as automotive; power generation; agriculture and plantation; pharmaceuticals; investments; marine and manufacturing as well as leisure.