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Brown & Company Goes North

17 Mar 2023

Brown & Company Goes North

Brown & Company PLC participated in the 13th edition of the renowned Jaffna International Trade Fair 2023. Held from the 3rd-5th of March at the Muttraweli Grounds, adjoining the famous Jaffna Fort, the exhibition, one of the largest multi-trade fairs in the North, was visited by thousands daily. Organized by Lanka Exhibition & Conference Services (LECS) in association with the Chamber of Commerce & Industries of Yarlpanam, the annual trade platform made it possible for local businesses to reach new markets in the North.

The following divisions from Browns participated in the Jaffna International Trade Fair; Vet Pharma, Integrated Engineering Solutions, General Trading, Agriculture, Power Solutions, AC and Battery in keeping with the Company’s vision to serve communities around the island. Our presence in the North over this period further solidified our trusted relationship with key stakeholders, dealers and consumers by offering them enhanced hands-on experience on Browns’ current and newly-introduced products and services.

Brand awareness campaigns, technical camps, clinics and factory visits were carried out in key cities in the North in conjunction with the Jaffna International Trade Fair. Customers additionally had a chance to browse through the various division’s current product ranges that included a diverse array of both local and international brands.

Browns Tea ventured to the North for the first time by carrying out a tea sampling session which was held on all three days, giving the people of Jaffna a taste of Ceylon’s finest brew.

Here are some highlights;

Brown & Company Goes North