• Heavy Machinery & Marine

    The hallmark of excellence for total construction
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Heavy Machinery & Marine

The Heavy Machinery and Marine sector comprises of two Strategic Business Units as bespoken by the sector name.

The Heavy Machinery Strategic Business Unit (SBU) offers total construction machinery solutions and services that are one step ahead and based on superior technologies cultivated over many years. The SBU also provides superior services for repair, maintenance and unmatched 24-hour after-sales support with its highly trained and experienced service team.

With over 43 years’ of experience in the Marine industry, the Browns Marine Sector claims 60% of the brand-new Inboard Engines market in Sri Lanka and hails as the third largest player in the Outboard Marine Engine segment. Over the years, the product portfolio of the Browns Marine has expanded to Fiber Glass raw materials, fishing nets, Weed Harvester & Marine Leisure.