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Parsun 40hp 4 Stroke Outboard Motor

Outboard 40HP OBM  - Browns and Company PLC


The F40 EFI Outboard Motor is a 4-stroke, 40 horsepower motor that offers reliable and high-performance for both personal and commercial use. It features ECU-controlled EFI technology, making it fuel-efficient and eco-friendly.

Main Features:

  • Advanced sensor system that monitors critical engine functions and reduces power to prevent damage in case of potential issues.
  • Large displacement and single overhead cam that delivers excellent low-end power with smooth and strong performance, even when pushing a heavy load.
  • Available in different configurations that cater to different control systems, shaft lengths, and tilt options.
  • Maximum power of 40HP, dry weight of 99.9-103 kg (about 227.08 lb), full RPM range of 5000-6000 r/min and idling RPM range of 850-950 r/min.
  • 3-cylinder SOHC engine type with fuel induction through EFI technology, displacement of 747cc, bore and stroke of 65.0x75.0mm (about 2.95 in), CDI ignition system and F-N-R gear shift with a gear ratio of 2.0.
  • Gas assist or electric trim and tilt options for easy adjustment to water conditions.

Uses and Benefits:

  • Ideal for personal recreation or commercial use.
  • Reliable, powerful, and eco-friendly motor with excellent low-end power and a wide range of configuration options.
  • Advanced sensor system ensures peace of mind while using the motor.
  • Fuel-efficient technology reduces environmental impact and operating costs.
  • Available in different configurations to suit various vessel types and control preferences.