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Parsun 2.6HP Outboard Boat Motor

Outboard 2.6HP OBM - Browns and Company PLC


The F2.6 outboard motor from Parsun is a compact and portable motor designed for personal leisure activities on the water. This motor offers a smooth and comfortable driving experience, and it is environmentally friendly and easy to start.

Main Features:

  • An environmentally friendly motor that meets all legal regulatory requirements for emissions.
  • Optimization of engine structure, generating less noise and vibration, and providing a smooth and comfortable driving experience.
  • CDI/TCI ignition system for easy starting.
  • Multi-tilt angle capabilities, convenient for shallow water diving.
  • Available in two different spec options, with transom heights of 15 inches or 20 inches.
  • OHV engine type, with a displacement of 72cc and a bore/stroke of 54.0x31.5 mm (about 1.24 in).
  • The fuel induction system is carbureted and the ignition system is TCI.
  • The steering system is a tiller and the starting system is manual.
  • Gear position of F-N, with a gear ratio of 2.08.
  • Manual trim and tilt system, fuel tank capacity of 1.2L and maximum fuel consumption of 1.1L/h.
  • The engine oil capacity of 0.35L and the gear oil capacity of 75cc.
  • The propeller options range from 3-6 inches in size.

Uses and Benefits:

The F2.6 outboard motor is an excellent choice for small boats, calm waters and fishing trips. It is lightweight and easy to carry, making it convenient for personal leisure activities on the water. This motor is also reliable and efficient, ensuring endless enjoyment on the water. Its environmentally friendly design and smooth driving experience make it a popular choice among boaters.