• Roof-top solar project in Colombo

Exide Solar Tubular Range

Exide Sola Tubular Battery


  • Tubular positive plates.
  • Pasted negative plates.
  • Acid resistant polyester gauntlets.
  • High porosity envelope separators.
  • Available in sola-tubular range.
  • Microporous ceramic vent plug.


  • Designed especially for arduous Solar Photovoltaic application.
  • Manufactured with Tubular Technology renowned for reliable and consistent performance.
  • Designed to operate in partial state of change condition.
  • Ideal for cyclic application.
  • Superior voltage and energy output profile.
  • Service life comparable with premier international brands.
  • Expected life in ideal float condition: 10 years.
  • Supplied in factory charged condition - ensures optimal quality and ready to use.
  • Ultra-low maintenance.

Available models

Model Nominal Voltage (V) Capacity @C10 up to 1.8VPC at 27°C (Ah)
6LMS75L 12 75
6LMS100L 12 100
6LMS120L 12 120
6LMS150L 12 150
6LMS200L 12 200