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Exide Motor Cycle Batteries

Exide pioneered automotive batteries in Sri Lanka. Today, the Exide VLRA Maintenance-Free Motorcycle Battery has become one of the most sought-after batteries in the country. Trusted by many and renowned as the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) battery for many motorcycle brands, Exide is the bestselling motorcycle battery in Sri Lanka. Moreover, Exide is manufactured to suit the humid climate of the country, making it the perfect fit.

Product Range:
  • MF2.5-LT (12XL2.5L-C) – 12Volts, 2.5Ah
  • MF5A-3-LT (12XL5B) - 12Volts, 5Ah
  • MF7A-4-LT (12XL7B-B) - 12Volts, 7Ah
  • MF9B-LT (12XL9B) – 12Volts, 9Ah
  • MF-XPTZ4-LT (XPTZ4) - 12Volts, 4Ah
  • MF-XPTZ5-LT (XPTZ5) - 12Volts, 5Ah
  • MF-XPTZ7-LT (XPTZ7) - 12Volts, 7Ah

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