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Exide Matrix boasts technological superiority and represents a paradigm shift in the Sri Lankan automotive battery industry. Exide Matrix is a groundbreaking technological collaboration among Furukawa-Japan, East Penn-USA and Moura-Brazil, which enables the battery to be upgraded with all latest and cutting-edge technologies EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery). Exide Matrix redefines battery technology with a host of innovative features, including a patented cover with a special omega lid design that supports less evaporation and avoids the battery getting dried up. The special plate chemistry, higher CCA and super charge acceptance of Exide Matrix perfectly meet the advanced auto electrical needs of modern cars and SUVs. The battery is engineered to cater to a wide range of requirements under different standards, technological advancements and layouts, including ISS, JIS and EFB. Moreover, the use of “silver alloy metal” ensures increased resistance to corrosion and high temperature, while promising a longer shelf life. The special plate formulation for positive and negative plates ensures higher life expectancy and superior charge acceptance. The double-clad polyethylene and glass mat separators make Exide Matrix highly reliable. Furthermore, Exide Matrix is spill resistant and ensures little or no water loss compared to conventional automotive batteries.

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