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The revolutionary Eastman Tall Tubular Gel batteries are designed and manufactured as per German Technology in Eastman’s Automated Manufacturing unit in India. The gel batteries are certified by TUV under IEC 60896-21 and conform to IEC 61427 global standards for Photo Voltaic applications in addition to CE and UL 94 safety standards. The batteries are being used across North America, Sub Saharan Africa and South East Asia, demonstrating its ability to perform under the most demanding operating climate conditions.


  • Robust tall tubular plates with high pressure dieasted spine
  • Fumed silica gelled electrolyte (Gel of German Origin)
  • Valve regulated (Valves custom made in Germany)
  • Antimony-free alloy – (Low self-discharge)
  • Wide operating temperature (-20 to + 55 °C)
  • 100% maintenance-free throughout life – install and forget


    • Certified cycle life of 2000+ cycles @ 80% DOD
    • Certified cycle life of 2000+ cycles @ 80% DOD @ 27 Dec C.
    • 0% Stratification
    • Low self-discharge / longer shelf life
    • Spill-proof and 0% fumes emission
    • Compatible with low range current discharge applications.

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