• Browns Agriculture & Plantations

    Forerunners in agriculture mechanization and commodity processing

Browns Agriculture & Plantations

With a history as long as Brown & Company PLC, Agriculture and Plantation sector is the founding business of Browns Group. The sector has great impact and presence in the agriculture and plantation dimension of Sri Lanka from the time the country was proclaimed as Ceylon.

Browns in its history of 145 years, has made a significant impact on the quality and productivity of the plantation and agriculture industries. Today, Browns Group empowers the local agriculture sector by supplying gloablly renowned agricultural machinery, and manages large swathes of tea and rubber plantations, redfining the traditional plantation sector by investing in tea, cinnamon and sugar. Maturata Plantations Limited owned by the Group holds the proud title as one of the largest regional plantation companies in Sri Lanka.

The Browns Agriculture, the pioneer in agricultural mechanisation in Sri Lanka, was established in 1892 to cater to the needs of the agricultural industry and the local farming community. The SBU covers the entire length and breadth of agriculture by serving the finest quality farming solutions and empowering farming customers to work towards an increased farm productivity, prosperity and profits.